Healthcare Technology Veterans Launch Persivia to Focus on Population Health, Precision Medicine and Chronic Care Management to Enable Providers to Effectively Manage Patient Populations

LOWELL, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Persivia, a company dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with cutting-edge precision medicine and chronic care management solutions, today announced the official launch of the new healthcare company. Developed and guided by the principles of precision medicine, Persivia will forge a new path to achieve meaningful and lasting clinical and behavioral outcomes that are expounded through this truly transformation paradigm shift in the industry. The company is founded by healthcare industry veterans, Drs. Mansoor Khan, Chief Executive Officer, and Fauzia Khan, Chief Medical Officer, who have previously launched several successful companies such as KeyCommerce and DiagnosisOne.

Previously, big data and analytics empowered value-based care by stratifying patients into appropriate cohorts and providing appropriate intervention. Right now, we are at the threshold of a new era where behavior, consumer, clinical, claims, genomics and proteomic data are coming together to provide the precise insights into disease and behavior to truly optimize care. In order to provide effective chronic care management, we have to first understand that many diseases which were considered homogenous are actually very different at a cardiometabolic and genetic level, and with advancements made in data capture, computational technologies, and powerful algorithms, we can now treat each individual in a unique fashion.

“Population Health, precision medicine and chronic care management are the future drivers of the healthcare industry, and we feel that Persivia is already ahead of the curve,” said Mansoor Khan, Sc.D., Chief Executive Officer of Persivia. “ Our population health and chronic care management solutions are designed to help ACOs and providers address financial and utilization performance, risk stratification, and identify and close care gaps. By embracing precision medicine, we can approach the healthcare industry from a universal view of clinical, financial, behavior, genomic and social data that will allow us to provide the most positive outcomes for our customers and their patient populations.”

In addition to Population Health and Chronic Care Management, Persivia offers a comprehensive suite of innovative hospital and provider solutions, which includes clinical surveillance, anticoagulation home monitoring, regulatory reporting, quality measures and infection control and medication management solutions.

About Persivia

We specialize in chronic care management. Our solutions are designed to help organizations streamline their operations, mitigate risks, and improve quality of care. Persivia delivers intelligent and actionable information that can help to improve patient care, enable better care coordination and provide innovative approaches to clinical analytics and population health. Our customers include hospitals, healthcare providers, payers, EHR companies, systems integrators and government entities. Based in Lowell, Mass., the Company was formed by a team of physicians and healthcare IT professionals that are dedicated to the principles of precision medicine and to leverage industry-leading technology that could address the growing need of managing populations with chronic conditions. Additional information about the Company and its solutions are available at