Care Management 3.0 : Increase Revenue & Improve Quality while providing the best care

The current healthcare environment has brought about a new unique set of challenges.  Patients are becoming more tech-savvy with their smartphones, tablets, and computers, they tend to demand “What they want when they want it, and how they want it!”.  This becomes especially difficult to balance with the Quality Programs like MIPS, MACRA, CPC+, etc. becoming more stringent every year.  It has become difficult for Providers to balance patients’ needs with providing a high quality of care all the while keeping an eye on rising healthcare costs.  This becomes even more challenging with Quality Programs like MIPS, MACRA, CPC+, etc. becoming more stringent every year.

In the past, providers have hired their own teams of specialists to handle these daunting tasks – Care Managers to handle patient outreach and engagement, perhaps a couple of people to handle day to day office management and to manage the dozens of phone calls coming into the office, someone who can also understand the intricacies of the constantly updated Quality Program legislation, as well as the basics of provider billing and the list, goes on.  That does not even cover the clinical staff that is needed to manage patients and their care when they come into the office.  Often times some of much of a practice’s staff is busy trying to manage the day to day workflows in the office of incoming phone calls and other logistics.  This means for many practices their front desk staff ends up being a cost center instead of a potential source of revenue.

The average practice receives anywhere from 50 – 100 calls every day ranging from a refill request, a request for an appointment,  to a referral request, etc.  These activities take up valuable time from the staff and it all tends to go unbilled.  Persivia’s InCM solution can help you capture those incoming phone calls and turn them into billable clinical events.  InCM can help increase revenue by helping your practice meet the requirements for things like Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits, Behavioral Health Integration, and many more.

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