Persivia Selected by McLaren Health Care to Drive Success in Risk-bearing Payment Programs

Fully integrated health network leverages Persivia to participate in five alternate payment programs across 460 sites of care

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – March 11, 2020 – Persivia, a provider of real-time care management solutions, today announced that McLaren Health Care is using Persivia’s CareSpace clinical and population health platform. CareSpace will support McLaren’s efforts in five alternative and risk-based payment programs, consolidating data from more than 30 sources to effectively manage the health of their large patient population under value-based care. CareSpace provides AI-enhanced real-time value-based care analytics, population health, care coordination, and data acquisition solutions to providers and payers.

Headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan, McLaren Health Care includes 14 hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, and commercial and Medicaid HMOs covering more than 550,000 lives in Michigan and Indiana. McLaren is leveraging Persivia to succeed in a range of alternate payment and quality programs, including: BPCI Advanced, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan, and McLaren’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO), the McLaren High Performance Network.

By early 2019, McLaren had defined a set of interlocking needs for consolidating its electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM) reporting across all facilities and, at the same time, was consolidating its multiple value-based and alternate payment programs onto one platform. Significantly, this complex set of requirements had to be implemented by the end of 2019. “My biggest concern was how do we keep some of our legacy systems active and still meet our interoperability and other technology goals,” said Mark Gray, McLaren’s Corporate Director of Information Technology. “We’re a large organization and we have a lot of clinicians using different information technology systems as well as a large patient population to care for. How do we make sure we aren’t putting an additional reporting burden on clinicians while taking advantage of some of the unique payer opportunities that we have in Michigan to help us control costs and deliver quality care?”

After running an exhaustive selection process, McLaren selected Persivia’s CareSpace platform as the best solution to achieve these goals. Once the contract was signed in September 2019, Persivia deployed CareSpace, including over 20 EHR integrations, in time to go live by the first week of January and meet McLaren’s value-based program and eCQM reporting needs.

“Our CareSpace™ users are happy – they don’t have to go to many different EMRs to get the information they need to properly service the McLaren patient,” said Gray. “Persivia has helped us save time and money, avoid penalties, and improve our ability to report and analyze data, leading to better patient safety and improved care quality. Our relationship with Persivia has grown and strengthened over the years and we absolutely see Persivia as part of our future success.”

“Because the payer/provider market in Michigan is more progressive, there are more programs to participate in.” said Mansoor Khan, CEO of Persivia. “These unique market conditions make it especially appropriate for healthcare organizations like McLaren to partner with Persivia. CareSpace’s single platform architecture allows our clients to typically replace five to six point solutions while improving performance and usability. CareSpace organizes and integrates data while streamlining analytics, workflows, and program participation, enabling success under multiple concurrent payment models. Mark and his team at McLaren have done a great job taking advantage of these opportunities to benefit their patient population and we’re excited to continue the partnership.”