Persivia Announces the Availability of the Latest Version of smartLab™ its Electronic Testing Orders and Results System for Public Health Departments to Support COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus Testing

The new release allows state labs and Departments of Public Health to quickly deploy a system to manage high volume testing to identify COVID-19 infections

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – March 11, 2020 – Persivia, a provider of value-based care, population health, quality management, and public health solutions, today announced the general availability of the third generation of its smartLab module. smartLab is the industry’s most advanced system for state labs to manage the high volume electronic test ordering and resulting requirements of large scale epidemics like the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

With the possibility of large scale community spread of the virus rising every day, state departments of public health will not be able to keep up with the tens of thousands of test requests that are expected to flood them. smartLab solves this problem, has been in production at various state labs since the mid-2000s, and is designed for ease of use and rapid deployment.

smartLab is now available as a module in Persivia’s cloud based SAAS platform CareSpace and can be very quickly integrated into state laboratory information management systems with minimal effort. Designed for providers to self-map their local, CPT, LOINC and SNOMED codes to standard codes accepted by the CDC, and to accept messages in HL7 2.3/2.5 EDI/XML formats via multiple protocols, smartLab is the most flexible and easy-to-deploy system on the market today.

“smartLab has allowed the Iowa Department of Public Health to create a nimble and highly scale-able process across Iowa. Over the years we have been operating smartLab™  the platform has performed flawlessly and we are very happy with the support we have received from Persivia,” said John Satre, Informatician, at the Iowa Department of Public Health. “smartLab™ is a uniquely powerful product. I think every DPH in the country would benefit from using smartLab to be able to effectively respond to large scale threats to public health like COVID-19. Recently, Iowa was able to update the smartLab for COVID-19 within about 30 minutes, notify reporting partners, and within a few hours, some of those partners were ready to report electronically through smartLab.”

“Over the one and a half decades that Persivia has been serving the public health sector we have seen a number of threats to the health of our country. COVID-19 feels quantitatively and qualitatively different than SARS, Ebola or MERS,” said Dr. Mansoor Khan, CEO of Persivia. “While thankfully, it does not appear to have a case fatality rate as high as those conditions (2% vs. 9% or higher), it does seem to have a much higher transmission rate. This difference will translate directly into much higher needs for testing at state labs that are the only ones equipped to test highly contagious diseases. Dealing with tens of thousands of paper test requests flooding into the state lab every day, in the case of a significant outbreak in a state, and the resulting need to deliver test results, can quickly overwhelm the already overworked staff at these state labs. smartLabis designed to integrate into all of the lab’s LIMS systems and automate the entire process thus allowing the staff to focus on the cases with positive test results so that the spread of the disease can be halted.”