Persivia CareTrak™ is now available on Cerner Marketplace

Cerner EHR

Persivia CareTrak™, a robust and intelligent point of care application, has been validated and connects to the Cerner EHR. As part of the Cerner App Gallery, Persivia CareTrak™ is now available to Cerner’s growing network of healthcare providers to deliver AI-driven insights right at the point of care and to ensure that each provider is able to quickly and easily extract customized, actionable patient data, receive immediate alerts, and make quality-based treatment decisions.

With its unique capabilities, Persivia CareTrak™ serves as an extension to the EHR. It collects, integrates, and analyzes clinical (from multiple EHRS), claims, and SDOH data to identify all the appropriate HCC codes and quality gaps across all APMs as well as provides the AUC CDS mechanism to ensure that Medicare will pay for any imaging tests performed. Thus, taking the administrative and cognitive burden off the providers to help them deliver the best patient care.

Leveraging the SAML 2.0 protocol Persivia has connected their app Persivia CareTrak™ via FHIR APIs to authenticate the EHR user, automatically log them into the application and appear effortlessly in the clinician’s workflows. It also allows bi-directional flow of patient information to and from Cerner EHR. Persivia has also implemented different programming interfaces (APIs) to fetch patient data from multiple sources and perform data aggregation via in-house programming approaches.

Persivia CareTrak™ extends the same experience to any web browser or can be installed on any desktop devices, such as a shared server, laptop etc., with the same fidelity, and look and feel, across different environments. This gives a huge advantage to the providers working across various sites of service in the same facility, or across different EHRs between facilities and different health systems.

As a validated Cerner code Developer Program application, Persivia CareTrak™ capabilities are available to Cerner clients to help them advance innovation in healthcare. Learn more