All Data Sets

Aggregation of all Data Sets for care providers

Both the need and the availability of data to care providers are growing exponentially. Aggregated Data Sets are the need of time. Examples include:
  • EHR structured data
  • EHR unstructured data
  • Claims data
  • HL7 data
  • ADT data
  • Behavioral data
  • Social data
  • Economic data
  • Device data
  • Genetic data
  • Pharmacogenomic data
  • Etc.

CareSpace® captures and aggregates data sets from all patient sources!

CareSpace® and the Persivia team has decades of experience in collecting and utilizing all this data to help you manage your attributed populations.

The Persivia team and the CareSpace® platform, supported by Soliton® AI are experts at extracting, normalizing and making all this data actionable. Call us to learn more.