Bundled Payment Program Solution
Let us show you how to thrive in the world of bundled payments

Introducing the industry's first most advanced and comprehensive solution for managing participation in Bundled Payment Programs


Consulting to help you apply for CMS (BPCI) or commercial bundled payment programs


Analysis of historical claims data to help identify Episode Groups to select


Consulting to help with care redesign in-line with CMS and evidence based guidelines


Consulting to help with gain sharing model design and simulation


A single platform to manage costs and utilization, perform care management and care coordination and patient engagement


Quality management for BPCI Quality Measures


Care Coordination across various care settings such as Hospital, Ambulatory care, SNF and home health


telehealth including

  1. Televideo
  2. Integrated phone
  3. Instant messaging and
  4. Secure messaging

How It Works


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