Inbound Care ManagementTM - InCMTM
Let us show you how to make upto an additional $20,000 per month

Introducing the industry's first and only Inbound Care Management solution


A single interface for your practice to manage inbound calls, treatment plans, patient assessments, reports & care gaps


Identification of patients who have outstanding clinical & service needs


Real-time clinical decision support presents relevant patient informantion and clinical interventions at the point of interaction to improve quality scores


Powerful analytics dashboard to oversee the performance of your practice, with easy to generate billing reports


Telehealth integration within the system that facilitates non face-to-face workflows with in system HIPAA compliant voice/video calls and text messages


Identifies & tracks all the front desk in-person and non face-to-face patient encounters that can be made billable


Helps improve MIPS, ACO and CPC+ quality scores and cost metrics


Data Integration with all major EMRs and disparate data sources


The TeleHealth Advantage!

InCMTM also captures all non-face-to-face encounters as part of your daily routine, thus increasing efficiencies in your operations and leading to improved patient satisfaction.

EHR Compatibility

InCMTM integrates seamlessly with your EHR and helps generate additional revenue of over $250,000 per year, using your existing resources!

Powered by Industry leading Cognitive engine - SOLITONTM

Using the power of SOLITON, InCMTM assists healthcare providers identify patients who require care and services thus increasing the effectiveness of your staff.

SOLITON helps InCMTM with

  • Care Gap Identification
  • Precision Medicine
  • Care Plan Generation
  • Evidence Based Interventions



Revenue ecounters captured and tracked

InCMTM captures every interaction and tracks the time for each patient-related activity you perform allowing you to easily bill for the accumulated minutes.

Actionable Real-time Evidence based Recommendations

Identifies care gaps and alerts in real time, allowing you to close those gaps, improve patient care and patient experience while maximizing incentives.

Robust reports & analytics

Generate billing and activity reports with in-depth analytics to help physicians deliver optimal care and receive optimal reimbursement.

How It Works


Whether you’re looking for answers, or want a personalized demo of the InCMTM solution, we’re excited to hear from you!