Clinical Quality Measures

Drummond-Certified Meaningful Use Platform

Supports quality reporting programs (MU EP/EH CQM, IQR). Persivia has Drummond-certified Meaningful Use (MU) reporting solutions - CQM Services for Eligible Professionals (EP) and Meaningful Use Solution for Eligible Hospitals (EH). In addition, to satisfy Meaningful Use (MU 2 & 3) for upcoming requirements, our best-in-class Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Analytics Engine helps EP and EH meet MU CQM requirements, as well as improve quality measures performance with help of real-time recommendations.

Using extensive data integrity analysis tools, our Meaningful Use Solution delivers hospitals & providers with the most accurate reports available. We offer one of the only solutions in the industry to combine specified retrospective data with daily information while patients are still in the bed. This is critical to helping providers and hospitals go beyond MU attestation to improve care, processes, and outcomes.

Our solution continually evaluates the records of each patient, identifying educational resources from which they can most benefit. The system maintains the proprietary educational content, along with its trigger associations, streaming both its delivery and ease of content management.  When combined with our population and patient analytics, we can enable providers to easily identify which interventions and reminders are most effective.

Persivia is the Solution for Meeting Meaningful Use:

Executive dashboard containing both summary and detail encounter data

  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) that incorporates all EP and EH quality measures 
  • Individualized patient education materials and reminders, per patient’s delivery preference, for both preventative and follow-up care
  • Integration of contextually relevant, patient-specific knowledge resources into clinical information systems, in order to help providers meet their patient care knowledge needs
  • Click through / drill-down to patient level detail
  • Data Element Guide which maps and educates the hospital about the fields and values required for compliance
  • Extensive data auditing system that validates data integrity


  • Drummond-certified
  • Visibility of all MU data in one interface regardless of source
  • Dashboard view of all Core Menu and Clinical Quality Measures
  • EHR Independent MU Quality Measures management
  • Reporting centralized across multiple facilities
  • Snapshot view of historical data
  • Low cost of ownership: SaaS based, no hardware or additional software to purchase, no interfaces

Persivia has rigorously maintained a comprehensive set of evidence-based rules triggered on hundreds of different clinical, demographic, and utilization parameters.  Each alert is scored, prioritized, and automatically directed to the treating clinician in the manner they most prefer, either as a real-time alert or an on-demand report. Our solution offers patient-specific, not just diagnosis-specific, order sets to enable hospitals to meet their Meaningful Use requirements.


Costs and Limitations