Merit based Incentive Payment System

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With MACRA's new competitive program, MIPS, changing in 2018 your bonus will depend on your performance not just on reporting! Get Started Today

Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) impacts over 400,000 physicians in 2017 and over 600,000 physicians in 2018 . MIPS combines existing quality programs, Meaningful Use, PQRS, and Value Modifier and adds a new category, Clinical Practice Improvement Activities. Eligible Clinicians will be scored and benchmarked against other participants. In 2018 you will have to report at least 6 measures and those measures will need to cover the full year, not just 90 days as in 2017. Additionally, in 2018 the Cost category will also be scored with a weight of 10% of the total Composite Performance Score. To thrive in this new environment you need:

Persivia’s Interactive MIPS Performance Dashboard

We know its complex, that's why have become the champions of the entire process to help you every step of the way!

Backed by a decade of experience in helping hospitals and providers with expertise in integrating with all major EMRs, Persivia becomes your proactive partner to help you score high and improve the quality of care.

Tracks score for each of the MIPS component; Cost, Quality, CPIA and PI (Promoting Interoperability)

Displays your CPS (Composite Performance Score) in real time

Integration with all major EMRs

Tracks payer-specific quality metrics

Allows different administrative roles where each role has different access capabilities

Compares performance among providers in the same organization

Allows drill down capability to the provider and patient level details for trouble shooting

Downloads patient lists & produce hard copies to improve measure compliance


The MIPS program is customizable, with many options for measures, submission mechanisms, and flexible reporting periods.

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Working Together is Better

We have a team of professionals who can help you implement the MIPS dashboard, educate you on measures and help you make the measure selections. Our team has years of experience and they offer options and outcomes that are good both for your practice and your patients!

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