Telemedicine Solution

CareSpace® is a complete Telemedicine solution!

Engage your patients with CareSpace®’s AI Enhanced Telemedicine Solution capabilities over secure HIPAA-compliant video calls.

CareSpace® is a complete Telemedicine solution with Care Coordination and Analytics to optimize Cost and Care Initiatives
How does CareSpace® Telemedicine Solution helps you?

Integrates with and works seamlessly with your EHR

See all the patient’s information as part of the call. CareSpace® can provide full bi-directional connectivity to your EHR.

Eligibility and billing

Ensure that you will get paid for the visit. We can even do your telemedicine billing at significantly reduced rates.
Telemedince Solution

AI driven real time guidance, care gaps, assessments and care plans

The Soliton AI engine continuously monitors all the patient’s information and notifies you of any relevant care gaps, prompts with any relevant assessment questions and automatically generates care plans.

Increased patient satisfaction

Care when they want it how they want it. CareSpace® is the only system in the industry that allows the patient to contact you via a televideo call, a web-based audio call, secure chat, or make a regular phone call.

AI enhanced Telemedicine that supports your business model in Fee for Service and helps you transition from Fee for Service to ACOs, Medicare Advantage Plans, Bundled payments, Direct Contracting and other capitated models.

  • Integrates data from all EHRs and PM systems
  • Provides AI enhanced care gaps, assessments and recommendations
  • Delivers powerful actionable insights
  • Generates automated care plans
Identify care gaps and offer real-time actionable insights to deliver care through HIPAA compliant video calls.

CareSpace® connects and gathers data from EHRs and PM systems along with payer data and builds a longitudinal patient record. This record is available to the provider during the televideo visit to build upon a patient’s chart while the AI engine provides real time actionable insights during the call.

CareSpace®’s AI Enhanced Telemedicine capability provides
  • HIPAA-compliant secure communication through phone, text, voice and video calls
  • 24/7 connectivity for patients and providers
  • Seamless integration with existing EHRs and PM Systems
  • Appointment scheduling and reminders
  • All Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring codesConnectivity to over 300 home devices
  • Eligibility checks
  • All appropriate billing codes and provides an (optional) billing service
  • Both App-based and browser-based interfaces.
  • Secure and easy-to-use apps for both providers and patients

Persivia Now

No downloads! The telehealth platform can be accessed by both provider and patients from the browser. Easy to use! Just share the link with the patient to start the virtual appointment
Available Now
  • Unlimited calls
  • Custom Waiting Room Name
  • Patient Queue
  • Chat
  • Call history
  • Photo capture
  • Screenshare
  • Room password

Persivia Connect

Works seamlessly alongside your EHR. Shows AI-enhanced care gaps while you see the patient. Web or App based.
Available Now
  • Everything in Level 1 plus
  • EHR integration
  • Care Gaps
  • SIU Schedule Interface
  • Intake Assessments
  • Assessments, goals and care plans – optional features that can be added at additional cost.

Enterprise with CareSpace® platform

Part of the full CareSpace® platform. Access to Care Coordination, Quality Management, Cost and Utilization and Patient Engagement modules.
Available Now
  • Everything in Level 2 plus
  • Risk Stratification
  • AI based prioritization of patients not recently seen
  • Assessments
  • Goals
  • Care plans
  • Web or App based

AI enhanced Telemedicine solution that supports your business!

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