$11 billion at Risk. Time to re-evaluate your risk adjustment strategy

In this riveting 2-part podcast series, we’re diving deep into the seismic shifts brought about by the new CMS HCC v28 for risk adjustment. Hold onto your seat as we uncover the astounding implications of CMS’s projections – a staggering -3.12% impact on MA risk scores and a hefty $11.0 billion in net savings to the Medicare Trust fund for 2024!
We’re peeling back the layers to reveal the strategic maneuvers that forward-thinking organizations are employing to combat this challenge head-on. From harnessing the power of comprehensive care teams to embracing holistic patient-centered approaches, our experts, Dr. Fauzia Khan and Dr. Shannon I. Decker, PhD., MBA, MBA, M.Ed., M.Ed., are here to illuminate the path to success.