Supporting Multiple Data Feeds
Following Patients Across Multiple Care Settings

Leveraging AI to help you excel in

Value-Based Care

by enabling Personalized Care for All®.
CareSpace® is a single integrated population health management platform that helps manage multiple VBC models and diverse data streams.

Population Health Management Platform

Medicare Advantage Plans
Improve HCC Coding, Risk Adjustment and HEDIS Scores

State Public Health Agencies
Enhance Surveillance and Data Collection

What Our Clients Say
  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has worked with iterations of smartLab for 15 years, which is testament to how well it works. All Massachusetts clinical facilities and the major commercial laboratories route electronic laboratory results through the interface. We worked with Persivia to have the interface certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1, 2 and 3 (Promoting Interoperability). The product has proven to be both stable and flexible, and Persivia offers excellent support. During the pandemic, smartLab has coped very well with an order of magnitude increase in throughput. We are currently expanding the platform to process electronic case reports and installing an analytical dashboard.

    Sita Smith, MA DPH - Senior Informatics Epidemiologist
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • smartLab™ has allowed the Iowa Department of Public Health to create a nimble and highly scale-able process across Iowa. Over the years we have been operating SmartLab™. The platform has performed flawlessly, and we are very happy with the support we have received from Persivia. smartLab™ is a uniquely powerful product. I think every DPH in the country would benefit from using smartLab™ to be able to effectively respond to large scale threats to public health like COVID-19. Recently, Iowa was able to update the smartLab™ for COVID-19 within about 30 minutes, notify reporting partners, and within a few hours, some of those partners were ready to report electronically through smartLab™

    John Satre - Informatician, Bureau of Information Management
    Iowa Department of Public Health
  • Persivia’s solution has been a game changer for us. The ability to collect and normalize patient data from many different systems was a huge driver of our successful performance year one savings. The Persivia AI engine has been instrumental in our ability to focus on the most critical patient information whether it is identifying COVID patients or alerting physicians to critical gaps in care. Persivia is extremely forward thinking and has proven themselves to be an essential partner as our hospitals work towards their regulatory, quality and financial goals.

    DR. Ahmad Imran MD, MBA - Vice President Value Based Care and Quality
    Prime Healthcare
  • Our CARESPACE® users are happy – they don’t have to go to many different EMRs to get the information they need to properly service the McLaren patient, Persivia has helped us save time and money, avoid penalties, and improve our ability to report and analyze data, leading to better patient safety and improved care quality. Our relationship with Persivia has grown and strengthened over the years and we absolutely see Persivia as part of our future success.

    Mark Gray - Corporate Director, Information Technology
    McLaren Health Care
  • With a huge success in the consolidation of the multiple EHR and claims data feeds and the multiple eCQM programs under our belt, we shifted focus to the care coordination, care management and analytics side, being mindful to still meet our interoperability goals while maintaining superior service to our patient population,”. With Persivia’s complete delivery of a single platform solution, our clinicians have less ‘clicks’ to get at a true longitudinal medical record view of a patient right at the point of care. CARESPACE® is now our population health operating system that works in close conjunction with our system wide Cerner and 20 ambulatory EHRs.

    Gary Wentzloff – CEO
    McLaren Physician Partners
  • We are pleased to partner with Persivia as they advance into their next stage of growth. The Persivia team has established an impressive customer base and revenue profile solely on the back of its superior product capabilities. We look forward to helping the Company drive growth as they broaden their sales and marketing to a larger group of customers. Persivia is a prime example of a founder-led, innovation-driven business with a next-generation solution tailored to a healthcare landscape that has too long been plagued by underdeveloped IT offerings” said Tadd Wessel, Founder and Managing Partner of Petrichor, who will also take a seat on Persivia’s Board.

    Tadd S. Wessel - Founder and Managing Partner
    Petrichor Healthcare
  • We were looking for a comprehensive chronic care management solution that truly impacts the care of our patients. Persivia is the only vendor that integrates clinical decision support and chronic care management at the point of care which will positively impact our patients overall care management. The additional revenue generated by the CMS CCM program will be an added bonus for the practice.

    Theresa Campbell - Practice Manage
    Pulmonary and Sleep Associates of Huntsville
  • The Persivia team is wonderful to work with, always professional and personable. They are very patient and helpful with any questions or concerns I may have regarding reporting of our data! Thank you team, for everything and for the manner in which you deliver service to our Samaritan Medical Center Team

    Kelly Brasel, RN - Quality Improvement Practitioner
    Samaritan Medical Center Team
  • The team at Persivia provide our organization with service that is unbelievable. Mapping and training are done on personal level based on your skills. Samaritan is confident that if our organization were ever audited, we would pass with flying colors related to the accuracy of mapping and authentication of data provided by Persivia. Any issue is quickly address. With any changes in regulations, Persivia is there for you.

    Mark Hitchcock RN
    Samaritan Medical Center
    Watertown, NY
  • Persivia team has made sure we are able to successfully attest to Meaningful Use (PI3) and the quality data reporting (eCQM) each year. Our relationship has grown through the years and you put us at ease with quick responses to all our CMS questions

    Jose Linares - Director of Applications & Information Technology
    St. John's Riverside Hospital
  • With the advent and growth of downside risk we knew that we had outgrown our legacy solution, which only provided cost analytics. To manage our multiple at-risk programs, we needed a true integrated platform that brings quality and cost analytics together with AI enabled care management workflows. After an extensive search we came to the conclusion that CareSpace® is the only platform in the industry that delivers this very powerful mix of capabilities.

    Sarah Keenan, Chief Clinical Officer
    Bluestone Physician Services
Meet Our Customers
Deploy Multiple VBC Models

ACOs, Bundled Payment, Commercial risk, Medicare Advantage, CPC+ and all their complexities.

Support Multiple Data Feeds

Collect, normalize and make actionable data from multiple EHRs, ADT feeds, claims sources, HL7 feeds, social determinants of health, genetic testing, home devices and patient reporting.

Follow Patients Across Multiple Care Settings

Track cost and care of patients from the hospital to the SNF to the clinic and all the way to the home.

ACOs, Bundled Payment, commercial risk, Medicare advantage, CPC+, and all their complexities.
Supporting Multiple Data feeds
Supports multiple EHR feeds, ADT feeds, diverse HL-7 message types, CCDAs, disparate claims data, pdf documents; involving several data dictionaries.
Supporting Multiple Data feeds
Supports multiple EHR feeds, ADT feeds, diverse HL-7 message types, CCDAs, disparate claims data, pdf documents; involving several data dictionaries.
Following Patients Across Multiple Care Settings
Interact with Patients at Ambulatory Clinics, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities and at Home.

Your EHR Companion – Persivia CareTrak

A companion to the CareSpace® platform that runs on your desktop and automatically syncs with your EHR to seamlessly show all supporting details for the patient being viewed within the EHR.

You do not need to log into any other applications as all clinical insights, care plans, gaps in care, and HCC coding insights are displayed alongside their existing EHR.

Population Health Management Caretrak

Harnessing the Power of AI with SOLITON®

Our population health management platform is fueled by Artificial Intelligence to Automate clinical protocols. Generate care plans, assessments, goals, and tasks.


Identify populations and build cohorts


Manage spend and utilization


Identify model specific care and service opportunities


Make clinical, social determinants of health, genetic and cost data actionable

What Persivia's Population Health Management Platform Can Do For You

Integrated Single Platform

A single integrated population health management platform to meet the needs of regulatory reporting, value-based care, care management, and revenue enhancement.

User Hierarchies and Roles

Support up to six levels of user hierarchy (enterprise through provider) Role based access down to the object level

Unparalleled Clinical Expertise

Finest population health management platform, physician-led teams that understand your environment and needs.

Data Integration

Access and incorporate data from all major EHRs, hospitals, clinics, payers, HIEs and socioeconomic sources to build longitudinal patient records.

Drilldown & Click Through Capabilities

Easily drill down from the enterprise to the provider and patient level and see only the data relevant to your role

User-friendly Dashboard & Scorecards

Intuitive dashboards and easy to navigate scorecards that display relevant information and highlight trends.

Patient Records