AI-driven Risk Adjustment

Boost Reimbursement. Get Insights at the point of care

CareSpace® delivers an end-to-end risk adjustment solution powered by NLP, Machine Learning to support needs of ACA, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid ACOs and ACO REACH.

The prospective risk adjustment capability allows timely, effective interventions including the presentation of suspected gaps in care and the opportunity to achieve thorough and accurate documentation, which supports conditions coded to the highest degree of specificity.


HCC Capture


Accuracy in extracting
HCC codes from physician Notes through NLP

AI-driven CDI workflow

Navigating the Transition to V28: Ensuring Success

  • Gain Insight: Understand the Transition from V24 to V28 Normalized Risk Scores for Your Population
  • Explore the Shift: Evaluate the High-Volume Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) and Diagnoses Influencing Your Impact
  • Measure Progress: Benchmark Your Performance Against Market Trends and Competitors

Boost Your Reimbursement

Our platform helps you achieve accurate and thorough medical record documentation, reflecting the specificity of current patient conditions to allow for precise coding of the patient’s health status. This elevates your RAFs score and ensures you get the right reimbursements.

Harness Unstructured Data

Our AI and machine learning capabilities can capture and process unstructured data, which is often missed by traditional coding and abstraction methods, to provide the most complete picture of your patients’ health and the most accurate RAF scores possible.

Get Insights at Point of Care

Our platform delivers valuable insights (care gaps, alerts, and tasks, HCC scores) to the provider at the point of care, allowing for more informed decisions and better patient outcomes.

A Complete Risk Adjustment Solution

Improve your clinical documentation, maximize RAF scores, and unlock

higher reimbursement with advanced technology.

Real-time Data

Automation & Identification of Coding Opportunities

Risk Analytics

Care Management



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