Persivia Data Cloud

Delivering Advanced Data Architecture

Persivia Data Cloud a healthcare data aggregation solution is based on the latest data lake house technology and incorporates the industry’s richest, broadest, and most comprehensive Unified Data Model. In addition to an analytics portal and ad-hoc data exploration our advanced architecture adds data science and machine learning capabilities and the ability to deploy real-time insights into operations. By aggregating your data, building a holistic longitudinal patient record, and turning it into highly accurate patient-specific insights, our platform helps providers make decisions that have a measurable impact on cost and care.

Unified Data Model (UDM)

Our industry leading UDM takes advantage of both batch and real-time processing to support real-time clinical workflows and analytics. The data model covers all sources including EHRs, Clinical, Claims, SDOH, HIEs/ADT, Patient-Reported, Home Device and Administrative data.

Data Lakehouse

Our lake house combines the flexibility of a data lake with the production optimization and delivery of a data warehouse. It provides a data pipeline starting from raw, unrefined data, through a sophisticated data refining and curation process and ultimately delivering optimized data for consumption.

Advanced Data Curation

A single dynamic Longitudinal Patient Record (LPR) is generated after processing the data through our Natural Language Processor, our semantic normalization engine and our eMPI.

The Power of AI

The LPR then flows into our AI engine that appends descriptive and prescriptive insights to it such as eligibility for different programs, alerts, care gaps, automated tasks, goals, alerts, HCC codes, etc. as well as machine learning based predictive cost and risk stratification models.

Right set of Data for all needs

The actionable, insight-driven patient record is ready to be used in different clinical applications such as care coordination, quality, cost/utilization analytics etc.

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