Patient Engagement

Portal, app and devices for Patient engagement.

Go beyond the scope of traditional patient engagement with CareSpace®. Our platform integrates patient data from disparate sources and processes it through the AI engine, Soliton® to help you identify gaps in care and automatically generate care plans specifically tailored for each patient.

AI enhanced patient engagement.
Allow patients to:
  • Access to their health data
  • View care plans and goals
  • Respond to questions and assessments,
  • Report on their health and home device data
  • Communicate with the providers with real-time text, audio and video call options.
Remote Patient Monitoring:
  • Use the Patient App to collect physiological and home device data.
  • Route collected data through the Soliton® AI engine (sentinel mode) to generate alerts and insights.
The patient app empowers patients with their own health data and fosters patient engagement.
The CareSpace® platform facilitates patient engagement with:

Care Provider App

Providers can access patient’s health data, Communicate with the patients and Collaborate with care through the Care Provider App

Patient Portal

Gives patients an Easy access to near real time medical records from any web browser

Patient Care App

User friendly app for the patients with easy access to patient data and secure telehealth services

CareSpace® is integrated with 300+ home devices to collect the best and the richest patient data for the best care delivery.

Our patient engagement capabilities provide:
  • 24/7 connectivity of patients and care managers
  • Secure communication through text, voice and video calls
  • Remote monitoring of patient physiological and device data
  • Patient involvement with access to their real-time medical records and care plans
  • Smooth patient intake though care management portal, which takes the burden off the staff

Bridging the gap in patient engagement through artificial intelligence and meaningful data.

Patient app provides insights in patient engagement

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