Patient Engagement

Build trust & stronger relationships

CareSpace® delivers a longitudinal patient engagement solution suite capable of supporting patients, families and care team members across the entire care continuum.

With the power of Generative AI, multi-channel communication and the ability to capture patient data across 100s of sources and 300+ HOME DEVICES, CareSpace® helps makes the patient outreach efficient and effective.

Care Provider App

Patient Portal

Patient Care APP

Care Provider


Devices, Patient Reported

Access care plans and goals

Patients gets easy access to real-time medical records

Automated reminders
& nudges

Efficient appointment scheduling

Telehealth services and more


Web-based Portal & Mobile App

Direct communication with staff and their care coordination teams though call, text and video



Dynamic Longitudinal patient record built out of 100s of sources

Alerts & patient's


Patient App - Android & IOS

Patient Enrollment

Enables a comprehensive and real-time view of each patient’s health and wellness status

Clinical Team

Bi-directional integration
with EHR

Video, Audio, bidirectional messaging

An AI-driven Sophisticated Approach to Engage Patients

CareSpace® equips you with dynamic longitudinal patient record and AI-driven insights, care gaps and alerts to identify patients who are at-risk and take necessary action and reach out to the patients promptly

Automate workflows

Patient appointment booking, predicting no-shows, recommending patient services, etc

Right Information at the Right Time

Provides relevant intelligent & actionable information during a call with a patient

Improve Staff Efficiency

Smooth patient intake though care management portal which takes half the burden off the staff

Remote Patient Monitoring

The physiological and home device data captured through the patient app runs through AI to generate insights & alerts and enable a personalized approach to RPM

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