Soliton® – AI Engine

Driving Outcomes – both Clinical & Financial

Persivia’s Soliton® AI Engine brings Prescriptive, Predictive, and Generative AI to Population Health Management analytics, workflows and content generation. It creates tailored processes by integrating multiple data and workflow components in real-time, enhancing financial, clinical, and operational outcomes.

Soliton® enriches CareSpace® with evidence-based Programs that incorporate intelligence and the latest medical evidence into clinical events and processes. Programs are the fundamental unit of analysis and care.

Healthcare Professionals can easily segment and refine the population, from large cohorts into smaller, targeted groups to facilitate precise and necessary interventions. Program design relies on deep expertise in algorithm development and semantic sets, incorporating crucial factors such as clinical conditions, clinical risk, and financial risk.

Allow end users to perform very sophisticated analytics using speech interfaces

Automatically generate worklists and tasks and assign them to teams

Automatically generate content to fulfill Tasks, Assessments, Forms, Notes, Patient Communications etc.

Predict and manage high-cost

Track tasks across large teams, identify bottle necks, re-allocate resources in real time

Improve care coordination and simplify the patient journey from acute to post-acute care

Real Outcomes. Real Impact

Soliton’s Generative AI capabilities have the potential to improve the productivity and

efficacy of population health teams by an order of magnitude

$17.89 PMPM

ACO Gen Savings
Persivia ACO over Average ACO


Reduction in Re-admissions, All-cause, 30-day



Accuracy in predicting high-cost cohorts through ML based Predictive Modelling


Increase in Efficiency through Automated Risk Stratification

4% vs 2.2%

Average Savings in BPCI-A
Persivia vs. Nat’l Average


RAF Scores Improved


HCC Capture Improved


Accuracy in extracting HCC codes from physician Notes through NLP

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