Soliton® – The AI Engine

Soliton® enables AI driven patient care

Empower your healthcare with the game-changing Soliton® AI. Built on 30,000 evidence-based rules and machine learning, Soliton® automates your healthcare and care management tasks like:

  • Identify Care Gaps
  • Identify Service and Coding Opportunities
  • Generate Patient Specific Assessments
  • Generate Personalized Care Plans
  • Build Custom Cohorts etc.


Soliton® gives you the edge to succeed in the world of Value based Care with unparalleled capabilities.

  • Analyzes massive sets of patient data in real-time to drive improvement in clinical and financial performance.
  • Supports multiple APMs
  • Adds value to Telehealth by predicting billable codes during the patient encounter
  • Predicts future healthcare costs for your patients using multiple risk stratification models
  • Real-time Clinical Decision Support to help you manage complex patient populations
  • Streamlines the patient journey and care from the acute to the post-acute environment using AI enhanced care coordination

Soliton® automates your healthcare and care management tasks

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