Persivia Helped Hundreds of Organizations Excel at Quality Reporting for Yet Another Year

Persivia, with the help of the CareSpace® platform, continued its decade-long legacy of helping partner organizations achieve their quality reporting and improvement goals by helping them meet regulatory reporting requirements and increase their eligibility for the CMS exemplary reporting performance bonuses for the 2021 reporting year.

CareSpace® enabled hundreds of hospitals and ambulatory service providers to meet their quality reporting requirements for various value-based and quality reporting programs, including Promoting Interoperability (PI), eCQMs, IQR, and OQR Chart Abstracted Measures, MIPS, TJC ORYX, CPC+ and Primary Care First (PCF).

The company helped all its clients achieve their goals well ahead of the deadline of March 31st. Among the partners, 84 hospitals reported to PI and eCQMs, 28 hospitals and 400 providers reported MIPS with most scoring over 90 on their MIPS composite score (composite scores over 85 are eligible for the MIPS exemplary reporting bonus), and 10 hospitals reported IQR/OQR/TJC ORYX chart abstract measures for all 4 quarters. Persivia also partnered with their clients to report for the Advanced Care Plan measure for the PCF program for the first time, CPC+ and BPCI.

The process of connecting with the clients and adjusting to the existing workflow framework has allowed Persivia to stand apart from its competitors in the last decade. By working with each client on mapping applicable data points, identifying workflows, automating them to identify gaps in care, as well as providing a dashboard with drill-down capability to locate the individual data points for each measure, Persivia has successfully managed to reduce the administrative burden of reporting to multiple programs by streamlining the reporting process.

“Every year, we work hand in hand with each of our clients, nurturing sometimes decade long relationships, towards ensuring the best possible regulatory and certification performance outcomes. We feel lucky to be part of their process, continually increasing performance outcomes year over year.” Diana Rouhana, Director of Implementation | Quality, Persivia.

“This was a special reporting year for Persivia! Most clients achieved scores and performance outcomes that exceeded all expectations and, in a lot of cases, qualified them for exemplary reporting bonuses, publicly available competitive performance scores, and other financial and commercial rewards and incentives. I would like to say, ‘Congratulations and Great Job’ to all our clients – it has been an amazing journey so far as we ramp for the new 2022 performance year!” Dr. Fauzia Khan, CMO, Persivia

The company’s process involves working closely with partners to conduct data quality validation testing and addressing their issues in what Persivia affectionately refers to as the hand-in-hand implementation process. Regular meetings are conducted to discuss regulatory requirements, understand existing workflows to capture all relevant data points, and ensure all nomenclature mappings are in place. These are designed to improve regulatory and certification performance reporting outcomes while allowing each organization to focus on the quality of care. The Persivia team is very proactive and diligent in ensuring accurate interpretation and representation within the Persivia product of all program requirements.

Persivia’s accomplishments over the past year are a testament to its high quality of services and its commitment to improving the quality reporting standards of its partners. Over the last ten years, Persivia has built a loyal network of providers that trust the CareSpace® platform as their preferred quality reporting and improvement platform with most transitioning all their reporting requirements to Persivia.