About Persivia

Persivia enables hospitals, practices, payers, public health agencies, and EHRs to manage multiple value-based care models across all available datasets to arrive at insights in real time, personalized at the point of care.

Our Vision

Personalized Care for All®

All of healthcare, connected
Immediate and timely access to the complete patient’s history from all venues of care, from in-home diagnostics to acute care.

Health records activated
The best medical guidelines applied to the resulting “one patient, one chart”.

Physicians and patients engaged
Alerts and recommendations proactively delivered to physicians and patients at the right place, at the right time.

Better outcomes achieved
Avoidable errors reduced, higher acuity avoided, healthcare costs managed, and operational efficiency increased due to adherence to plans and protocols.


Based in Marlborough, Mass., the Company was formed in 2015 by a team of physicians and seasoned healthcare IT professionals who are dedicated to helping Provider organizations navigate the transition into Value Based Care and to leverage industry-leading technology to address the growing need for managing populations with chronic conditions.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to help providers successfully make the transition from Fee For Service to the Value Based Care world.

The Persivia platform – CareSpace® – is a single integrated AI driven platform which supports all VBC models and integrates data from all sources through the entire care continuum. It includes a variety of AI driven workflow tools and data integration capabilities to establish a complete view of the patient and populations and manage cost effectively.

Our industry leading capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and Risk Stratification simplify, combine and analyze data from all sources – thereby helping care-providers take real time decisions at the moment of care.

Persivia Inc. has been built on a foundation of nearly 15 years of developing and deploying an AI based care coordination platform. The Company is privileged to support care coordination, and quality efforts at more than 300 hospitals and an additional 4500 ambulatory providers.

The CareSpace® platform is being used by
Ambulatory Providers
We want you to prosper, so contact us today to get a free demo and see for yourself how Persivia can add value to your organization.