Accountable Care Organizations

Generate Savings & Provide Excellent Care to Patients

CareSpace® is a comprehensive solution for Accountable Care Organizations ACOs (including ACO REACH, MSSP, and other risk-based models), seamlessly uniting advanced data analytics and AI-powered population health management. The platform offers AI-driven care, quality, and cost management, coupled with risk adjustment capabilities, all within a single SAAS solution.

By harnessing the power of AI, CareSpace® delivers profound insights into patient health, identifying care gaps effectively. It empowers informed decisions at the point of care and fosters multichannel communication, including telehealth options, to enhance patient engagement.


Higher Savings Persivia ACO Vs. National ACO Average


Increase in Operational Efficiency through Intelligent Multi-Layered Risk Stratification


Reduction in All-Cause 30-day readmission rate


HCC Capture Improved

Driving Success for ACOs every step of the way

CareSpace® empowers accountable care organizations ACOs with next-gen Digital Health capabilities, enabling them to deliver value-based care, improve patient health, enhance healthcare quality, and achieve financial sustainability.

Data Aggregation

Collect and integrate from 100s of sources to gain a panoramic view of patient health, medical history, and utilization patterns.

Advanced Analytics

Get actionable insights for through predictive modeling, risk stratification, and trend analysis to identify high-risk patients, anticipate care needs, and optimize care pathways. CareSpace empowers you to proactively intervene, prevent adverse events, and enhance patient outcomes.

Clinical Quality Management

Adhere to evidence-based practices, measure performance against established benchmarks, and implement continuous quality improvement initiatives to ensure consistent delivery of high-quality and efficient care to your patient populations.

Care Management

Engage patients, develop personalized care plans, and enhance care transitions with 3rd generation care management capability.

Point of Care Integration

Empower providers with real-time, actionable patient information at the point of care.

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