Care Management

Empowering providers with the Advance Care Management to manage chronic conditions

Persivia brings the value Based Care Management Platform – Care Space™

Care Space™ system is a 3rd generation Digital Health Platform that seamlessly integrates into existing operational workflows with minimal disruption.

CareSpace™ helps organizations set up a broad set of social services, long-term services, and clinical interactions wrapped around patients or members with complex conditions that often remain disconnected. CareSpace™ enables stakeholders to bring different approaches for innovation in fee-for-service and value-based payment and global-payment arrangements across a range of settings and populations.

CareSpace™ is delivered as SAAS and, at a very high level, provides the following capabilities:

  • Care Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Quality Reporting
  • Cost and Utilization Analytics and
  • Patient Engagement
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • VBC Solutions: BPCI Advanced, ACO, CPC+.