Persivia CareTrak™

Improve patient care with Persivia CareTrak™

Improve provider efficiency and patient care at the point of service with the Persivia CareTrak™ EHR Companion.

Persivia CareTrak™ is a downloadable application installed on the physician’s desktop that integrates with the EHR to give control back to the physician and enhance their ability to deliver the highest quality and most efficient care.


At your fingertips while treating the patient


Receive AI-driven clinical insights, gaps in care


Monitor and close HEDIS gaps


Improve HCC coding


Review goals and care plans


Perform Annual Wellness Visits and other assessments


Perform telemedicine visits


Consult Radiology Appropriate Use Criterion (AUC)*

The Flexibility to Have It Your Way

Persivia CareTrak™ is configured to show only the capabilities that you choose and works with both browser-based and locally deployed EHRs.

How the Persivia CareTrak™ EHR Integrated Extension works


Persivia CareTrak™ EHR companion helps at point of care

The Persivia CareTrak™ EHR Extension is a companion to the CareSpace® platform that runs on the your desktop and automatically syncs with your EHR to seamlessly show all supporting details for the patient being viewed within the EHR.

  • You do not need to log into any other applications as all clinical insights, care plans, gaps in care, and HCC coding insights are displayed alongside their existing EHR.

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