Data Aggregation

Seamless Healthcare Data Aggregation with CareSpace®

CareSpace® gives you a one stop solution where all your healthcare data sources are seamlessly integrated to give you unparalleled care coordination and analytics capabilities.

Integrate all data sources – the AI way
A typical organization today will be involved in multiple Value Based Care programs such as:
To survive in this environment the organization might have to, for example, collect data from:
  • 23 ambulatory EHRs
  • 12 different claims feeds.
  • Multiple ADT feeds
  • 100s of practices and
  • 13 different hospitals

This is a daunting task and unless there is perfect coordination between the healthcare data aggregation and platform/workflow teams the project can easily go off track. Whether it is

        • CCDs
        • CCLF, 835s
        • Flat files (clinical or claims) or
        • Direct database access

The Persivia team has decades of experience in collecting and aggregating this data.

CareSpace® collects and integrates all healthcare data relevant to a patient’s health to create a single longitudinal record. Supported data types include:

Electronic Health Record




Patient reported



Behavioral Health

Some of the major EHRs we routinely work with include:

In-house healthcare data aggregation capability for in-depth data analytics

Unlike our competition, who use third parties, Persivia’s own team does all our integrations. This gives us full control over the process and ensures our customers receive the best service possible.

The Persivia team and the CareSpace® platform, supported by Soliton® AI are experts at extracting, normalizing and making all this data actionable. Call us to learn more.