Maximize Reimbursement & Minimize Variation in Cost, Utilization & Quality!

CareSpace® delivers an end-to-end approach by bringing clinical and claims data together and integrating bundles with best practice care pathways to manage both cost and care for the entire episode, empowering you to deliver outstanding patient outcomes.

Our AI-driven integrated platform has the ability to support all Medicare, Medicaid, Employer-based and commercial bundled payment BPCI programs, both prospectively & retrospectively.

CareSpace® also allows you to strengthen your post-acute network and engage the multi-disciplinary team with digital tools and a dynamic longitudinal patient record that presents the true patient picture to all stakeholders.

Prime Healthcare driving BPCI-A Success with CareSpace®

$17+ million Total Savings

100% Accurate Target Price Prediction

4.4% Vs 2% NPRA Prime Vs National Average

Advanced Analytics

Gain comprehensive visibility into healthcare spending and savings opportunities without compromising care quality through CareSpace®. The platform enables deeper understanding of your employee population, identifying health risks and predicting costs.

Compare against benchmarks like risk scores, utilization and costs, collaborating with health plans and health systems, to enhance quality, cost-efficiency, and ROI.

Utilizing AI and predictive models, CareSpace® targets high-risk employees for tailored care management, optimizing resource allocation.

Full Program Orchestration for a Successful
Bundled Payment Arrangement

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