Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans - Improve STAR ratings, HCC Coding and HEDIS scores by bringing data, providers and patients together on one AI-driven platform - PERSIVIA CARETRAK™

Improve HCC Coding and HEDIS scores both at the point of care and pre and post encounter. Deliver patient specific HEDIS and Coding gaps to the provider EHR in real time.

Integrating care management, quality reporting, risk stratification and analytics to drive your quality outcomes and reduce total cost of care.

Intuitive HCC coding

The HCC dashboard

  • Identifies potential RAF opportunity analysis
  • Allows provider performance comparison
  • Shows HCC trends year on year
  • Provides drill down to patient level
  • And more
HCC coding
Improve star rating

Improve STAR ratings

HEDIS Analytics and reporting

  • SAAS platform or Tech enabled services with our "Sneakers on the ground™’‘ outreach service
  • Quality portal to identify, stratify and track patients for the most impactful outreach
  • Multi modal patient communication
  • AI enabled outreach
  • Highly efficient digital workflows replace old fashioned call center approach
  • Harness the power of social media

Persivia CARETRAK™ Real Time EHR Integration

  • HCC coding gaps
  • HEDIS care gaps
  • Medication Adherence
  • Pre-authorizations
  • Care Plans
  • Delivered to the Provider in real time
CareTrak Real Time EHR Integration
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