Giving Public Health the edge with AI based lab surveillance, case and outbreak management and contact tracing

Persivia offers Public Health Departments the industry’s first enterprise level, AI driven, SAAS platform delivering Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR), sophisticated Case and Outbreak Management and Contact Tracing all in one industry leading platform.

Smart Surveillance

Persivia’s smartLab™ provides full bi-directional capability for providers and labs to electronically report to public health. It connects to 1000s of testing sites statewide and is highly scalable.

  • Translates lab specific terminologies and formats into easily analyzable, standard CDC designated terminologies and HL7 formats
  • Can be deployed in days. No development required
  • Is highly scalable – can support tens of millions of tests per day
  • CMS 2015 Certified
  • Supports eICR
  • Provides sophisticated Analytics
Smart Surveillance
Allow self service mapping
  • Allows self service mapping
    • LOINC
    • SNOMED
    • HL7 Vocabulary
    • CPT
  • Supports standard input formats
    • HL7 2.3.1, 2.5.1
    • CCDA, CCD, CDA
    • CSV, flat file, SMF
    • elCR
  • Allows maximum flexibility
    • SFTP
    • HTTPS (form)
    • Web Service
    • Online
    • Manual entry of orders and results
  • Output CDC standard messages

Smart Response

Persivia’s smartPHIN™ is the single system you need to support all the surveillance and response needs of a public health department.

smartPHIN™ provides market leading lab surveillance, rule based workflow and case management capability for public health professionals in the response and containment of infectious disease outbreaks.

  • Supports all notifiable conditions
  • AI enhanced Form builder
  • Case management workflows
  • Outbreak management
  • Contact tracing
  • AI based automation of cases from ELR and eICR
  • Full virtual communication suite for efficient and fast coordination
  • SAAS based – no local deployment or development needed
Smart Response

Performance that speaks for itself

  • smartLab™ has allowed the Iowa Department of Public Health to create a nimble and highly scale-able process across Iowa. Over the years we have been operating smartLab™ the platform has performed flawlessly, and we are very happy with the support we have received from Persivia. smartLab™ is a uniquely powerful product. I think every DPH in the country would benefit from using smartLab™ to be able to effectively respond to large scale threats to public health like COVID-19. Recently, Iowa was able to update the smartLab™ for COVID-19 within about 30 minutes.

    John Satre
    Iowa Department of Public Health
  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has worked with iterations of smartLab™ for 15 years, which is testament to how well it works. All Massachusetts clinical facilities and the major commercial laboratories route electronic laboratory results through the interface. We worked with Persivia to have the interface certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1, 2 and 3 (Promoting Interoperability). The product has proven to be both stable and flexible, and Persivia offers excellent support. During the pandemic, smartLab™ has coped very well with an order of magnitude increase in throughput. We are currently expanding the platform to process electronic case reports and installing an analytical dashboard.

    Sita Smith
    Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Get ready to employ a sophisticated case and outbreak management system like never before.