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Giving Public Health the edge with AI-based lab surveillance,


Persivia’s smartPHIN™ is the single system you need to support all the surveillance and response needs of a public health department. smartPHIN™ provides first enterprise level, AI-driven, SAAS-based, market leading lab surveillance, rule-based workflow and case management capability for public health professionals in the response and containment of infectious disease outbreaks.

Employs the latest tested cloud-based technologies and architectures to offer a resilient, flexible, and user-friendly system.
Built using multi-tiered architecture and microservice architecture to offer scalability, high availability, and redundancy.

Persivia smarPHIN™ serves as a centralized hub for hospitals and labs within State Departments to seamlessly exchange standardized test orders and results across diverse facilities. Plan, order tests, and meticulously track specimens through a user-friendly web-based order form complemented by a unique barcode system.

smarPHIN™ provides the interfaces to map various form observations/elements to the corresponding HL7 v3 CDA, in particular an eICR, covering signs and symptoms, diagnosis, lab results, medications, vaccinations, contacts, etc. Such mapping provides context to otherwise generic questions and identifies the parts of the case investigation for analysis and export

smartLabTM facilitates seamless bi-directional reporting between providers and labs to public health, connecting with testing sites statewide. It swiftly translates lab-specific data into CDC-designated terminologies and HL7 formats, ensuring easy analysis. With rapid deployment and no development needed, it is highly scalable, supporting numerous tests daily and accommodating various healthcare standards. It enables eICR, offers sophisticated analytics, and supports diverse healthcare formats, including HL7 v2, v3, CDA, CCDA, and eICR. The platform also allows self-service mapping for LOINC, SNOMED, HL7 Vocabulary, and CPT codes. Offering maximum flexibility, it supports multiple transport mechanisms such as SFTP, HTTPS, web service, online, and manual entry. Moreover, it efficiently routes and exports designated formats to NBS and the CDC.

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