Persivia’s Public Health Surveillance

Persivia’s Public Health Surveillance solution offers market leading data integration, workflow and case management capability for public health and front-line workers in the prevention and containment of infectious disease.

15 Year’s Experience In Public Health Surveillance Systems

First ELR

Since 2004, industry’s first ELR for Massachusetts DPH

Persivia’s Solution

Data integration, workflow sharing and case management capability for Public Health

Our Ability

To Evolve

Giving Public Health the edge in surveillance and outbreak management

Public Health Surveillance

Our customers have come to rely on Persivia’s smartPHIN™ Electronic Disease Surveillance System (EDSS) as a highly advanced ELR and Decision Support System combined with sophisticated Case and Outbreak Management capabilities.

smartPHIN has allowed the Iowa Department of Public Health to create a nimble and highly scale-able process across Iowa. Over the years we have been operating smartPHIN, the platform has performed flawlessly, and we are very happy with the support we have received from Persivia. smartPHIN is a uniquely powerful product. I think every DPH in the country would benefit from using smartPHIN to be able to effectively respond to large scale threats to public health like COVID-19.
John Satre, Iowa Department of Public Health, March 11, 2020

Efficient, State of The Art Modular Architecture

  • Built on the HL7 v3 object model
  • Incorporates the full Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • Supports all versions of HL7 2.x.x
  • Built using micro-services for a uniquely modular approach
  • Provides extensive APIs
  • Manage access and security by program area and jurisdiction

smartPHIN is the single system to support all the surveillance
needs of a public health department

smartPHIN captures data from hospitals, clinics, labs and EHRs as well as Point of Care devices in various formats and in whatever terminology the data submitter might be using.

smartPHIN consists of 3 major modules

Data Integration Service
  • Collect patient, case and lab test
    data from 1000s of sources across
    the state
  • Electronic Laboratory Reporting
  • Electronic Initial Case Report (eICR)
  • Laboratory Orders and Results
  • Data submitters can self-register
    and create their own mappings in
Decision Support System
  • Based on an advanced Rules
    Engine and WYSIWYG user inter
  • Supports the full HL7 v3 Clinical
    Document Architecture (CDA) as
    well as all versions of HL7 2.x.x.
  • Provides extremely sophistica-
    ted rules that can be used to
    identify cases, trigger various
    automated workflows and gene
    rate alerts.
Case Management system
  • Manage Code Sets
  • Powerful Page/Form Builder
  • Libraries of Observations and
  • Create Disease specific forms
    and pages in hours not weeks
  • Manage Outbreaks
  • Trace Contacts.
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