Quality Reporting

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Your single resource for monitoring, managing and reporting on 100s of clinical quality measures

  • GPRO
  • Commercial Payers
  • Eligible Hospital MU measures
  • Eligible Hospital eCQMs

See the full power of the Soliton® AI engine in action – integrating multiple sources of clinical and claims data to simultaneously support multiple quality programs. CareSpace® continuously identifies patients not meeting quality goals in the various programs and allows care teams to precisely target those patients for improvement.

A Single Platform for All your Quality Reporting Needs

Tracks quality score across

all major quality programs


Commercial Payer

Integration with all major


Allows different administrative

roles where each role has

different access capabilities

Allows drill down capability to

the provider and patient level

details for trouble shooting

Displays your CPS (Composite

Performance Score) in real

time across all 4 MIPS components

Tracks payer-specific quality


Compares performance

among providers in the same


Downloads patient lists &

produce hard copies to

improve measure compliance

Support for all quality payment programs

CareSpace® helps 100s of hospitals and thousands of ambulatory providers successfully meet their quality reporting requirements over multiple quality reporting programs including Meaningful Use (MU), CMS Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) Program and QPP. CareSpace™ supports multiple (GPRO, MIPS, CPC+) dashboards.


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