Risk Adjustment Solution

HCC Risk Adjustment is a complex interplay of data and workflows. CareSpace® is the only platform that can bring both together for exceptional results.

CareSpace® delivers an end-to-end Risk Adjustment solution supporting the needs of ACA, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid ACOs and CMS Direct Contracting

CareSpace® arms you with unrivaled analytics, and clinical infrastructure to find opportunities that directly impact your benchmark, improve care and reduce costs in the complexity of the risk-adjustment processes.

Achieve HCC Risk Adjustment Pass rate of 100%

Improve Efficiency of Manual Chart Abstraction

Reduce provider workloads by up to 50%

Achieve 99% HCC coding Accuracy

Automate the Risk Adjustment Process

Built around our AI engine with automated coding support, clinical and administrative alerts and integrated face to face and virtual workflows, CareSpace® is a full-service platform that significantly reduces workloads and improves performance with a unique blend of data aggregation, analytics and clinical tools.

Leveraging NLP & Machine Learning

CareSpace® intelligent Risk Adjustment solution provides accurate and thorough documentation and coding to give you the best chance of earning shared savings and helping you become more successful in managing your patient population. Our AI engine uses NLP and Machine Learning to take the complexity out of incorrectly coded data, clinical inference, health risk assessments and unstructured data.

Integrated Care Management

CareSpace® helps improve patient care by providing real-time, easily accessible patient information enriched with real-time evidence-based care pathways, alerts and guidelines, all at the point of care. Our EHR companion- Persivia CareTrak™ integrates the appropriate data into the client’s EHR and Synchronously delivers appropriate HCC codes, Care Gaps, Risk Scores etc. to providers at the point of care in real time

Risk Adjustment is complex. But we can take the entire problem off your hand. Reach out to us today!