Multi-Layered Risk Stratification

Identify the right level of care and services for

high-risk patients

CareSpace® delivers 3rd generation risk stratification capability that supports multiple risk models to give you the maximum flexibility to manage your at-risk population and improve care/cost outcomes.

85% Increase in Operational Efficiency

Revolutionize the way Care managers perform risk stratification with a staggering reduction of up to 85% in time and effort!

Identify patients who need immediate attention

Reduce cost and Improve health outcomes

Reduce unnecessary utilization of resources

Automating Risk Scoring through AI and Multi-layered
Risk Stratification Process


The HCC module uses components from the Clinical Decision Support and the analytics from the clinical data to provide real-time alerts to ensure that patient care meets the standards set out by CMS in the HCC model.

This AI engine generated risk score takes various clinical triggers, labs, procedures, admissions and discharge and other data to provide a high, medium or low risk score for each patient.


  • The clinical risk score allows providers to enter their perceived risk for each individual patient based on their expertise and intimate knowledge of their patients.
  • This model also allows providers to use the Soliton AI engine to create configurable event triggers to assign risk levels to patients.

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