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Value-based Care

CareSpace® is the most comprehensive and extensible platform that equips you with all the tools your organization needs to thrive in value-based care.

By leveraging AI and seamlessly integrating data, performance analytics, care management, and patient engagement, CareSpace® improves operational efficiency, productivity, and revenue, all while reducing the medical spend.

A versatile architecture based on mature & proven AI that supports all the data, care, quality, costs, and risk needs of organizations participating in various VBC contracts

Aggregate data from 100s of sources to build a dynamic longitudinal patient record.

Improve care coordination, reduce hospital visits and boost patient engagement with 3rd Generation Care Management

Harness the power of AI, ML, and NLP algorithms to monitor metrics, predict costs, enhance clinical outcomes, and optimize operational efficiency.

Measure, improve and report quality covering all measures.

With the power of Generative AI, multi-channel communication and the ability to capture patient data across 100s of sources and 300+ HOME DEVICES, make the patient outreach efficient and effective.

Bring clinically actionable information to providers at the point of care, right within
their EHR workflow.

Driving Real Outcomes for Organizations

$17.89 PMPM

ACO Gen Savings
Persivia ACO over Average ACO


Reduction in Re-admissions, All-cause, 30-day



Accuracy in predicting high-cost cohorts through ML based Predictive Modelling


Increase in Efficiency through Automated Risk Stratification

4% vs 2.2%

Average Savings in BPCI-A
Persivia vs. Nat’l Average


RAF Scores Improved


HCC Capture Improved


Accuracy in extracting HCC codes from physician Notes through NLP

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