Transforming Healthcare by Introducing Clinical Intelligence into Care Management

Persivia helps doctors and hospitals take on and manage government regulations and population risk through one robust platform.

Our solutions merge clinical, socioeconomic and claims data to provide a single comprehensive picture that puts the patient at the center of care and enables earlier clinical interventions and superior cost management. Persivia’s advanced analytics and real-time clinical decision support combined with industry leading quality and care management capabilities address the growing need for managing complex patient populations and providing valuable insights into improving care quality and reducing costs.

Why Persivia


One Comprehensive Platform

Persivia’s single platform offers one view into all patient data, eliminating discrepancies that occur with multiple systems.


Powerful Yet Simple

The dashboard’s single view allows actionable information to be delivered in real-time and at the point-of-care.


Flexible Customization Options

Our flexible, ad-hoc reports allow clinicians to leverage evidence-based data to fully customize treatment plans.


Real-time Alerts

Real-time recommendations that allow management the full range of chronic disease prevention and specialty care.

Effective Care Management

Integrates clinical decision support and quality management together with care management

About Persivia

Persivia is dedicated to providing the healthcare industry with cutting-edge quality and chronic care management solutions. Our solutions are designed to help organizations streamline their operations, mitigate risks, and improve quality of care. Persivia delivers intelligent and actionable information that can help to improve patient care, enable better care coordination and provide innovative approaches to clinical analytics and population health.