At NAACOS Summer Bootcamp 2022, Persivia Provided Insight on Using Data to Improve Performance

Accountable care organziation

At its two-day Summer Boot Camp on June 16th and 17th, in Nashville, Tennessee, the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) gave participants a chance to hear from ACOs about how and when to utilize data to enhance their performance in MSSP, or GPDC/ACO REACH.

This year, the summer boot camp’s framework featured sessions, case studies, and practical activities from leading names in accountable care. The boot camp experts explained how to comprehend risk calculations, evaluation, comparative analysis, bench marking, and market trends. They looked at the practical techniques for developing actionable dashboards and report generation.

During workshops and sessions on a variety of subjects, boot camp attendees exchanged their thoughts about actionable information to improve the most valuable data requirements within their ACO
Persivia sponsored the NAACOS 2022 Summer Boot Camp to get a chance with the ACO community and learn about their challenges. Persivia’s team emphasized how care management leverages analytics to produce desired outcomes in terms of cost, equity, and risk.

The Persivia experts talked about our AI-driven solution that can provide support across the entire continuum of care – from data aggregation to analytics, to AI-driven insights and actions, to improved financial and clinical outcomes.

They showed how Soliton®, the AI engine, allows CareSpace® to integrate data from various sources, making it actionable and delivering the 3rd generation care management capabilities. 3rd generation care management is the critical lever available to a payer organization to impact its most important KPIs (namely top-line revenue, medical costs, quality measure improvement, and operational efficiency).

Persivia’s next-gen Care Management solution allows ACOs to:

  • Improve member engagement through multi-channel capability
  • Deliver continuous provider collaboration
  • Manage more diverse data (claims, clinical, SDOH, Patient-reported, and more)
  • Engage providers at the point of care with patient-specific insights

Best of all, CareSpace® combines all the core functionalities, built in a versatile, modular architecture that allows clients to use any of the modules and then scale out as their growth and improvements demand.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our 3rd Gen Care Management system or request the presentation.