Excel in Value based care with CareSpace®

CareSpace® enables personalized care for ALL®

Break through the clutter in the VBC world by partnering with CareSpace® . Our unique platform collects all patient data and records from disparate sources to help you provide better healthcare. CareSpace® saves you the hassle of working with multiple technology partners by providing you with care management, quality and cost management, analytics, data aggregation, insights, reporting & telehealth in a single solution.

Care management platform
What Sets Us Apart?

CareSpace® collects all data across all care settings and is applicable across all VBC models. Soliton®, our AI engine, plays a critical part in accomplishing this.

Soliton™ enables our platform to:
  • Identify Care Gaps
  • Identify Service and Coding Opportunities
  • Generate Patient Specific Assessments
  • Generate Personalized Care Plans
  • Build Custom Cohorts
  • Perform Risk Stratification

With CareSpace® we are not only providing you with a care management program like others in the market but at “Care Space” where we put patients at the center of our efforts. Easy access and sharing enable others who care about the patient to help the patient much more effectively. Patients can build communities, communicate with their providers, share their records and get customized care plans all in one platform.

Foundation laid on AI

The CareSpace® platform has the industry-leading AI engine, Soliton®, as its backbone. Soliton® helps CareSpace® get the most out of the data and changes the paradigm of care delivery altogether. The Soliton® engine empowers the platform through functions like Clinical Decision Support, Care Coordination, Risk Stratification, Patient Engagement, Cost and Utilization Analytics & Telehealth. It helps reap the benefits of improved patient care and financial performance.

We Can Help You

Optimize Care Delivery

Get access to all patient information at the right time

Reduce Costs

Workflow automation and better resource utilization

Boost Revenue

Identify billable opportunities across all VBC model with Soliton AI
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