How Persivia’s Quality Reporting Solution is Changing the Game

Value-based care models place a significant emphasis on quality as a fundamental aspect of delivering healthcare. To succeed in such models, it’s important to use quality metrics that satisfy the provider, payer, and patient. In contrast to traditional fee-for-service models that prioritize the quantity of health services delivered, value-based care reimbursement strategies focus on the quality of care provided. Therefore, quality is an essential element that forms the framework of these models.

Persivia has been helping healthcare organizations excel at quality reporting for years, and their 2021 performance results are a testament to their expertise and dedication. Of the hundreds of organizations that use Persivia’s quality reporting solution, 91% achieved exceptional MIPS scores in 2021, far surpassing the national average of 82%.

So, what sets Persivia’s quality reporting solution apart from others in the industry?

Sophisticated algorithms and advanced normalization capabilities

Persivia’s software leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to process vast amounts of data, including electronic health records (EHRs), claims data, and other relevant healthcare information. This enables them to generate precise and comprehensive quality measures, taking into account various clinical and administrative parameters, such as patient demographics, diagnoses, procedures, medications, and outcomes.

Robust data validation and semantic validation process

Persivia has developed a robust data validation and semantic validation process to facilitate data collection that is reliable and free from errors. This ensures that the quality measures generated by their platform are of the highest quality, providing healthcare organizations with trustworthy insights for decision-making and performance improvement.

Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities

Persivia’s software offers real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, allowing healthcare providers to track their performance on quality measures on an ongoing basis. This enables timely identification of gaps in care and facilitates prompt interventions to address them. Persivia’s user-friendly dashboards and reports provide actionable insights, empowering healthcare organizations to make data-driven decisions and implement targeted interventions to improve their quality scores.

Interoperability and compliance with industry standards

Persivia’s commitment to interoperability and compliance with industry standards is another key factor that contributes to their excellent quality measure performance. Their software seamlessly integrates with various EHR systems and other healthcare IT systems, ensuring smooth data exchange and interoperability.

Exceptional customer support and service

Persivia provides exceptional customer support and service to their clients. Their team of experts is available to assist with implementation, training, and ongoing support, ensuring that healthcare organizations can effectively utilize their software for quality measure performance improvement. Persivia’s customer-centric approach and dedication to customer satisfaction contribute to their reputation for excellence in quality measure performance.

Final Words

In summary, Persivia’s quality reporting solution is changing the game in healthcare by providing healthcare organizations with the tools they need to measure, monitor, and improve the quality of care they deliver to their patients.