PERSIVIA and SANITAS USA Forge Partnership to Drive Success Under Value-based Care

Sanitas is a leading Primary Healthcare provider collaborating with Persivia to improve health outcomes across 40 care facilities in Florida.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. – May 25, 2023 – Persivia, a provider of population health, risk management, and hybrid care management solutions, today announced a new partnership with Sanitas USA to effectively manage the health of their patient population under multiple value-based contracts. The Persivia CareSpace® platform will expand Sanitas‘ capabilities by enhancing their care management workflows, automating risk adjustment processes, and enabling provider engagement at the point of care.

Sanitas USA provides primary care and population health to FL., TX, TN, and N.J. patients. “Sanitas has been looking for a platform that could help us integrate a variety of EMRs and payer data not only for reporting but also to help streamline how we deliver various Population health services.”, said Ignacio Arabeity, CEO of Sanitas Health Management Services.

Persivia successfully and quickly integrated data from multiple feeds across 40 Florida-based owned facilities and 15 affiliate groups, incorporating over 1.5 million records supporting over 400k patients in various Value-Based Care initiatives and activating a point-of-care tool for over 500 providers.

We have been impressed with Persivia’s ability to complete the first set of integrations, import the patient data, train our teams, implement custom workflows, and get the system deployed in under twelve weeks from contract signing.”, continued Ignacio Arabeity.

With Persivia CareSpace®, an end-to-end integrated population platform, Sanitas USA will be able to spark actual change in population health management, grounded in four core capabilities:

  • collect & normalize data from 100s of data feeds to build a continuously updating longitudinal patient record, 
  • enhance care coordination through 3rd generation care management capabilities
  • use A.I. to drive risk adjustment 
  • deliver AI-driven actionable insights right at the point of care

We pride ourselves in having the best-executing team in the industry. Our typical time-to-value for large clients is under 90 days from contract signing.” Said Dr. Mansoor Khan, CEO, Persivia. “This is in no small part because we have the only true SAAS Pop Health solution in the industry today. Our team’s deep expertise in data extraction and ongoing data management resolves the biggest hurdle faced by risk-bearing entities today.”

The CareSpace® platform provides AI-enabled care, quality and cost management, and risk adjustment capabilities in a single SAAS solution. Persivia’s data and analytics capabilities, with the power of 3rd generation care management, AI-driven risk adjustment processes, and point-of-care decision support, have now been fused with Sanitas’ vast global presence, diverse patient population, and the mission to deliver high-quality care. The combination will transform care delivery processes and improve cost, quality, and care outcomes – making them more effective and efficient.

To build a longitudinal patient record, Persivia CareSpace® collects and integrates data from all sources, including EHR, claims, HIE, ADT, patient-reported, home devices, and SDoH. The platform harnesses the power of A.I. to give rich insights into patients’ health to identify gaps in care. CareSpace® provides insights at the point of care and supports multichannel communication, including telehealth options, to improve patient engagement. Our single platform architecture demonstrates our commitment to delivering value through personalized data analytics and automation for the health system.

About Sanitas USA

Sanitas USA is part of Keralty Group, a leading multinational health business group with over 40 years of experience. It offers integrated health solutions and provides a world of health to every patient they serve. Keralty owns a wide network of highly recognized clinics and hospitals that deliver high-quality healthcare services and educational institutions with a corporate social mission. Keralty Group is in Spain, Colombia, the U.S., Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and the Philippines. In the U.S., Sanitas offers services in the states of F.L., TX, TN, NJ, and CT across 28 medical centers to over 350,000 patients across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial value-based contracts. For more information, visit

About Persivia Inc.

Persivia enables 100s hospitals, practices, payers, public health agencies, and EHRs to manage multiple value-based care models for 20+ million lives across all available datasets and numerous Value-Based Care programs. Connecting over 3,000 data sources, CareSpace® delivers personalized insights in real-time to the point of care. Our first-of-its-kind single platform solution, CareSpace®, follows patients from admission through post-acute stays and into the home. Powered by our Soliton® AI engine, CareSpace® integrates disjointed legacy systems to help align incentives across multiple reimbursement models. We help improve care delivery and quality scores for health systems and providers and reduce costs through AI-driven workflows and pathways that create personalized Care Programs. These Care Programs optimize risk adjustment and member prioritization at the point of care, in-person and virtually. Learn more at